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Art by Old Masters

Old Times, 1877 by Edmund Blair Leighton (English, 1856—1922)

The Perpetual Suitor, 1860 by Carl Spitzweg (German, 1808—1885)


Fog over the river, 1916, Ivan Augustovich Velz (1866-1926).

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Grapes and Architecture, 1908 by Edwin Deakin (English-born American, 1838—1923)

The Chess Players, c. 1475 by Liberale da Verona (Italian, c. 1445—1527/29)


The Silver Ship, James Jebusa Shannon (1862-1923)



Alfonso Savini (1836-1908) est un peintre italien.

Peeling Potatoes, 1873 by Adrien Jean Madiol (Dutch, c.1845—c.1892)

Never Morning Wore to Evening but Some Heart did Break, 1894 by Walter Langley (English, 1852—1922)

Boston Harbor Sunset, 1850-55 by Fitz Hugh Lane (Fitz Henry Lane) (American, 1804—1865)

Reading the Story of Oenone, c. 1882 by Francis Davis Millet (American, 1846—1912)


Interior with a Woman by Carl Vilhelm Holsøe - circa 1900

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Cornelis Saftleven, Witch’s Tavern

Judith, 1873 by Raja Ravi Varma (Indian, 1848—1906)

A Winter Landscape with a View of the River Amstel and Amsterdam in the Distance, 1663-64 by Jacob Isaacksz van Ruisdael(Dutch, c.1628—1682)