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Art by Old Masters

Parsifal, 1890 by Jean Delville (Belgian, 1867—1953)

Demon and Angel with Tamara’s Soul, 1891 by Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel (Russian, 1856—1910)

Death of the Poet Pietro Aretino, 1854 by Anselm Feuerbach (German, 1829—1880)

Flying Fish, 1910 by Herbert James Draper (English, 1864—1920)

The Favorite, 1874 by Charles Édouard Boutibonne (French, 1816—1897)

Princess Sabra led to the Dragon, 1866 by Edward Burne-Jones (English, 1833—1898)

Girl Reading, c. 1882 by Georgios Jacobides (Greek, 1853—1932)

Adornment of the Bride, 1886 by Pavle Paja Jovanovic (Serbian, 1859—1957)

Kept in School, 1876 by George Dunlop Leslie (English, 1835—1921)

The Musical Trio, 1897 by Edgar Bundy (English, 1862—1922)


Joseph Posenaer (1876-1935) - Marie Madeleine, 1887

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Charles Spencelayh (British, 1865-1958), The Burning Zeppelin, September 3rd 1916. Oil on canvasboard, 11 x 8 in.

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Ivan IV the Terrible visited by the ghosts of those he murdered by  Baron Mikhail Petrovich Klodt von Jurgensburg (Russian, 1835—1914)

Cross in Blizzard, 1907 by Józef Marian Chełmoński (Polish, 1849—1914)