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Art by Old Masters

Hunting Birds at Night, 1874 by Jean-François Millet (French, 1814—1875)

Mountain Climbers, 1868 by Charles Édouard Boutibonne (French, 1816—1897)

Sappho on the Rocks, 1871-72 by Gustave Moreau (French, 1826—1898)

Portrait of Nadezhda Polovtsova, 1876 by Carolus-Duran (Charles Emile Auguste Carolus-Duran) (French, 1838—1917)

Lady Macbeth Seizing the Daggers, 1812 by Henry Fuseli (Swiss, 1741—1825)


Alfred Augustus Glendening (1861-1907) - Expectation, 1893

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Caspar David Friedrich – Morning Mist in the Mountains (1825)

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The Balcony

John Singer Sargent - circa 1879-1880

Notre-Dame de Paris, 1893 by Edwin Deakin (English-born American, 1838—1923)


Henriette Gertrude Walpurgis, 1831 - Paul Delaroche

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Mary, Countess of Howe | Thomas Gainsborough, c. 1764

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Magnolia, 1899 by James Jebusa Shannon (American-born English, 1862—1923)


James Jebusa Shannon (1862–1923, British) Lady Marjorie Manners (1883–1946), Later Marchioness of Anglesey, Aged 17

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The Kiss, 1868 by Carolus Duran (French, 1838—1917)


"Darial Gorge", 1862 by Ivan Aivazovsky

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